'Fanisation' of football

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'Fanisation' of football

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This will be a controversial thread.The thread title uses a (I think) made up word to reflect something that I think is worthy of debate. The word has a corollary in words like "marketisation" in areas such as education, where in an organisations (potentially unseemly) desire to stay on-side with its stakeholders it loses many of the qualities that made it special in the first place, making short-term decisions to both appease and please their stakeholders (such as their students).So the question to debate is this, is there a risk that football, and MK Dons in particular, fall into a downward 'fanisation' spiral or are they doing exactly what they should be doing to keep their stakeholders (in this case the fans) on board?Or put more simply, and more directly, is PW listening to the fans too much?

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