Video performance issues: lag, glitch, pause, freeze

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Video performance issues: lag, glitch, pause, freeze

PostPostao/la LarryBoyd » 06. 08. 2018. (06:15)


After buying and installing from GOG, the program runs with significant video glitching issues. Even at the introduction screen, instead of smoothly scrolling, it jerks through as if it were a slide show. The mouse pointer also is lagging when it's focused in the Into the Breach window. However, other applications run fine. Performance monitor shows CPU, GPU, Network, Disk and memory all at 10% utilization or lower. I have an I7 on an m.2 SSD HD and run other 3D games at more than 60FPS at 1080. I'm using a GeForce 970 with Win 10 64 bit. Rebooting, and uninstalling had no effect. Amazingly, I installed on another computer and the same problem is occurring. Would you be able to provide any input as to what I'm doing wrong? The game is barely playable in this state. It makes it feel like my CPU is at 99% but it's not.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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